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Why Is the Theme of Friendship so Important in of Mice and Mend Essay

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  • on January 5, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Why Is the Theme of Friendship so Important in of Mice and Mend" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When Steinback published of Mice and Men, America was in the heart of a depression. The stock markets had crashed, there was widespread poverty and mass unemployment. Throughout the novel Steinback humanises the depression in the story of Lennie and George: two migrant farm workers looking for work. Right from the first chapter the reader enters the world of these two characters, and experiences right from the start the natural world ‘of mice’ and the social world ‘of men’. The novella is filled with inexplicable relationships with the most unlikely characters. Indeed for Steinback the significance of friendship is to present the achievability of the American dream, the theme of loneliness and finally to display the fundamental nature of man.
Firstly, throughout the book the whole rasion d’etre for all the relationships is to increase the chances of achieving one’s own American dream. The reader, can see this coming very clearly through the relationship between George and Lennie, right from the start of the novella. Their dependence on each other, makes them believe that the dream is real. This is because that they can both complement each other’s skill set, however more fundamentally their vision of the American Dream is relative, we can see this when Lennie gives his interpretation of the dream as ‘the rabbits [they’re] gonna get and [he] gets to tend ‘em’. This contrasts to George’s vision of the American dream where he says ‘An’ it’d be our own an’ nobody could can us’. The two visions are the opposite ends of the spectrum. Lennie dreams for ‘soft things’; however George is looking for financial stability: which was difficult to achieve in 1930s America, due to the dust bowl and employer’s lack of willingness to take on new staff, because of lack of demand. What however is essential is that friendship is really important because it shows both George and Lennie that the dream is relative and not a rationalistic unachievable ideal that society has indoctrinated...

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