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Why the Holocaust Occured - Research Paper

  • Submitted by: judanton12
  • on October 20, 2013
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Julie Dantoni
From New Jersey to West Virginia
      As I sat in the car for seven hours on my way to West Virginia in January, it did not look much different than New Jersey. Little did I know I was entering a state and town   where the living styles are entirely different than those in New Jersey.  
  Growing up in Manalapan, New Jersey, there was always a lot of exciting things to do. There were days where   could jump on the train and go to New York City with my family and friends, or even days where I would just simply go to the mall or the movie theater with friends. No matter what day it was there was always something fun to do.   I attended schools that were highly populated with graduating classes of about five hundred kids or more.   When my senior year began I decided to start searching for a variety of colleges.
    When I began to look at colleges I decided that I wanted a change in my surroundings and learn how other people live in different places of the country. I applied to a few schools in New Jersey and New York, but ultimately decided I wanted to go outside of those two states for school.   As a soccer player I traveled   to different states for college showcases which also helped with my search for colleges outside of New Jersey and New York.   I received offers from many colleges outside of N.J. and N.Y. ,   and I came across a school in West Virginia, West Virginia Wesleyan College.   Wesleyan stood out to me because of its location and the education level of the school, it was just a bonus that they had a good soccer team as well.
  West Virginia Wesleyan College is located in Buckhannon, West Virginia. Buckhannon is a very small town with a population of about five hundred people. The school itself has a population of only fourteen-hundred students, which is very small for a college. At the time of searching for colleges I assumed   I only wanted to attend a small school because I had always attended large schools and felt overwhelmed   often by...

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