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Why Was the Constitution Made for? Essay

  • Submitted by: liliana2463
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: History
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Below is an essay on "Why Was the Constitution Made for?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

participation in govt              

                          The   constitution   was   made   for   many   reasons,   main   reason   was   to   bring  
the   nations   closer   together.   If the nations   got   closer   together   and   got   along   there   could
be   alotta trading   goin   on. The   four   main   purposes   are :   To   authorize   the   federal
government   to   exist.   To   dictate   its   structure.   To   delegate   to   it   it's   powers.   To   impose
some   rules   upon   the   state   governments   about   what   they   could   not   do.   Making   sure   that
all   americans   had   the   same   rights.          
          Establishing   justice   was   one   of     the   goals   to   make   the   nation   come   together.   This
brought   the   nation   together   because   americans   would   have   equal   rights.   Rights   would   be
equal   no   matter   what   Race ,   Religion ,   Gender ,   Country ,   financial   situations ,   political
views   or   Origin.   The   federal   courts   have   to   settle   disputes   between   individuals ,
national   government   and   states.   Justice   would   bring   nations   together   because
since   americans   werent   going   to   be   seen   differently   they   would   be   treated
equally   and   would   be   abused   by   being   treated   wrong.   Federal   courts   having   to
settle   disputes   between   individuals ,   governments   and   states   helped   unite   the
nations   because   nations   wouldnt   get   into   big   arguments   and   wouldnt   be   able   to
start   war   between   one   another. Therefor   individuals ,   state   governement   and
states   were   being   protected   and   watched   and   kept   civil.          

              Ensure   Domestic   Tranquility   constitution   gave   the   governement   certain   powers   so
that they   would   be   able   to   keep   the   peace.   Local   governments   and   state   governements
could   use   polies   to   help   enforce   their   own   laws   to   individuals   within   their   own
borders.   If   there   was   crime   that   crossed   borders   the...

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