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Why We All Need Science Essay

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Why we all need Science: From a Non-Scientific POV
          One question none of us are afraid of asking is “why?” This inquiry is a broad spectrum of curiosity that has led to many great discoveries, inventions in our society. When we ask why, we are not questioning the credibility of a certain truth (sometimes) nor are we putting it up for debate. What is being done is opening up the flood gates of thinking and making way for new answers to emerge. When trying to answer the “whys” of our world, many approaches are taken. There is mathematical analysis, utilizing numbers to unscramble the equations of life. There is history, looking back at how situations were approached previous to our times. There is philosophy, attempting to find the right way through deep thought in ethics and logical reasoning. But the underlying question in all of this is ‘what makes science the best way’ or ‘why do we need it to answer life’s questions’.   We need to learn about physical and biological science because it covers the connection from why things happen to how they happen.
          Biological science is the breath that goes into the lungs of learning. Without the realm of biological science we could never have known about Watson & Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA to an appreciation for the full instruction set of human life, our genome. If we did not have biological science we would lack the knowledge of what makes us tick, what makes our bodies react to sunlight, why we get skin cancer, when our body temperature is out of sorts to the point of passing out, and possibly most importantly, why our minds perform the way they do. Brain scan machines such as MRI’s and CAT scans were made for scientists to be able to view the brain (and other parts of the body) from a point of view never before thought possible, from the inside. It never ceases to amaze me how we can see a person’s bone marrow, brain matter, and organs without ever cutting them open. Biological...

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