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Why Writing Is Hard Essay

  • Submitted by: autumnbriana
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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Writing has never been a strong suit for me. When I go through the writing process it is always a slow beginning. I normally begin by looking at the blank screen trying to figure out how I want to word things.   As soon as I sit down and begin to write I always feel as though I have forgotten what I wanted to say.   I am a Facility Chief in the Army and I am in charge of 2 Non Commissioned Officers (NCO) and 3 soldiers. The majority of the writing I do is Non Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOER).
I have to evaluate how my NCO’s do for one year, which for us is considered a rating period.   I have to evaluate my NCO’s on their overall performance and potential as a Sergeant in the Army. I begin by writing down everything significant that they have done over the past year. Then I begin itemizing it. I have to put it into five areas: performance, physical fitness and military bearing, leadership, training, and responsibility and accountability. I make three bullets per subject and itemize them from the strongest bullet to the weakest bullet. Once I have decided where the bullets are going I have to put in on the Army form DA form 2166-8.
The Army form only allows a certain amount of words per block so I have to be careful in my wording. I cannot have lengthy bullets or I will not be able to give my NCO’s a deserving report. I often have to reword how I want to write their accomplishments until everything fits the way it should. After I have completed this I reread it and have my peers read it for completeness and accuracy.   Once I have completed the NCOER I digitally sign it and it is submitted to my superiors to review and sign.   After they have signed the NCOER it is sent back to the NCO being rated and he signs it so we can submit it to his permanent record.
It is very important for my writing to look professional because the NCO’s future is dependent on NCOERS. NCOERS are how we are evaluated to work at higher levels. They show the difference between...

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