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Wikipedia Essay

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Credible Information Debate against Wikipedia
Sarah Palin
July 30, 2012

Credible Information Debate against Wikipedia
Hate it or love it, Wikipedia is still one of most accessed and popular websites. At the end of 2011, after approximately a decade of production, Wikipedia supports 3.8 million articles in English and well over twenty million articles in all languages, and it produces and hosts content that four hundreds of millions of readers view each month. (Wikipedia, 2012) “Wikipedia as the fifth or sixth most visited website in the United States, behind Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, YouTube, and, perhaps, eBay. In most countries with unrestricted and developed Internet sectors, Wikipedia ranks among the top ten websites visited by households.”   (Greenstein & Feng, May 2012)
There have been a number of studies on how reliable Wikipedia is; one study was conducted by Nature Magazine.   In 2005 they stated that Wikipedia’s scientific articles found on the website came close to the level of accuracy as Encyclopedia Britannica, (which is a source excepted by universities as a validated source to use) Wikipedia also had similar rate of what they call “serious errors.” (Dan Goodin)   Encyclopedia Britannica put out an article stating that “Almost everything about the journal’s investigation, from the criteria for identifying inaccuracies to the discrepancy between the article text and its headline, was wrong and misleading.”   (Encyclopedia Britannica, Marc)
Wikipedia is open to everyone worldwide; and its collaborated editing, with millions of users daily, false or misleading information are removed quickly is often the argument made by pro Wikipedia. “A 2007 peer-reviewed study stated that 42% of damage is repaired almost immediately... Nonetheless, there are still hundreds of millions of damaged views.”   (Wikipedia, July)
An example provided on Wikipedia’s website further validating my argument; “Several incidents have also been publicized in which false...

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