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Wired to Connect Essay

  • Submitted by: morganbond50
  • on September 18, 2012
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We’re Wired to Connect

In the article, “We’re Wired to Connect” written by Mark Matousek, the main point made by the author is that when we feel like we are really connected, we literally are in tune with others. In other words, humans are literally ‘wired to connect’ emotionally. The article also tells us that the brain’s design makes it sociable and when we engage with another person, the two brains linkup. While the author states his own opinion throughout this article, he also includes opinions from Daniel Goleman. For example, Mark stated the story about Goleman’s mother and what he believes. Matousek simple states his own information through his own point of view with the help of Goleman.
The author only had a couple strong points throughout this paper which consisted of the research by Goleman. This research fit in well to his main point because throughout the whole article he stays on track about how and why the brain can connect with other people. Another strong point that Mark states is that though each of us has a distinctive temperament and a set point of happiness modulating our general mood, science has now confirmed that these tendencies are not locked in (182). With this statement, it shows that the author has looked into research that has been confirmed which tells the reader that it is true and reliable. Mark also stated that scientists agreed that such connection-or lack of it- will determine our survival as a species (183). This statement is also supported by strong research from a scientist. As well as strengths, the author also had weaknesses. I felt as if the author did not use a lot of research and that he just stated what Goleman has studied and said. Matousek introduced Goleman to the reader, but that was all. He did not go into depth about all the writings and experiments that he had done. After reading this article, I went online to read more about who and what Goleman did. Goleman wrote a lot of books which his findings from brain...

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