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Wireles Electricity Essay

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Wireless Electricity

    Imagine the following scenario unfolding.   Nick has had a long day at work on Friday and is ready to go home.   The whole twenty minute drive home all he can think about is how excited he is to take his family on a weekend trip to the beach.   As he pulls into his driveway, he notices that the front light isn’t on like usual, but the fact is quickly lost in his mind as a thousand other thoughts are clamoring for his attention.   Just as he steps through the threshold of the door, his phone goes off.   It’s his wife.   Something’s come up, their daughter isn’t feeling well.   She tells Nick that they are at the local hospital and is about to tell him to pick something important up at the pharmacy when his phone dies.   Panic sets in.   The first thought that leaps into his head is what happened to his daughter. The second is what is he supposed to get to help her.   After a couple minutes of searching around his house for a charger, Nick is finally able to call his wife back and discover that he was supposed to pick up the allergy medicine his daughter needs.

    While this situation may seem a bit more dramatic than a normal situation, dead cellphone batteries, and any battery for that matter, are becoming a familiar headache in a wireless world.   But what if this headache had a cure?   Imagine that instead of Nick’s phone dying once he got home, it started instantly charging once he entered his house.   No cord or cable needed, just wireless electricity feeding directly into his phones battery and charging it up.   This fantasy scenario might not be as far away as one might initially think.   The following is from the June 8, 2007 edition of InformationWeek, “MIT scientists have been able to wirelessly light a 60-watt light bulb from a source seven feet away, and the experimenters believe it demonstrates -- at least theoretically -- that consumer electronics devices like laptops and cell phones one day could be charged without wires”...

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