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Wireless Electricity Essay

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Below is an essay on "Wireless Electricity" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Wireless Electricity
Research Paper

HUMN432 – Technology, Society, and Culture

June 15, 2012
Table of Contents

  I. Introduction (Adam Ritchey) 1
  II. Main Body of Research 2
      A. Description of Wireless Electricity (Adam Ritchey) 2
        1.   Types of Wireless Electricity 3
            a. Electromagnetic Induction 3
            b. Electromagnetic Radiation 6
            c. Electrical Conduction 8
        2.   Applications of Wireless Electricity 9
            d. Consumer 9
            e. Military 11
      B. History of Wireless Electricity (Adam Ritchey) 12
        3.   A Brief Timeline of Electricity 12
            f.   History of Electricity 12
            g.   History of Wireless Electricity 13
        4. An Analysis of Social Factors that Drove Wireless Electricity 14
      C. Political and Legal Influences (Sukira Major) 16
        5.   Government Policy 18
        6.   Government Involvement 20
        7.   Political Factors 21
            h. What’s in Progress? 22
            i. New Interventions 23
            j. Regression 24
      D. Economic Questions and Considerations (Olga Rivera) 25
        8.   Economic Impact 28
            k. Are Certain Industries Impacted More than Others? 29
            l. Who Are the Chief Players in the Business Environment? 29
        9.   Considerations 30
            m. Impact on the Economy 30
            n. Consumption 31
      E. Psychological Considerations and Sociological Effects (Tonya McLauchlin- Stewart) 32
        10.   How Has Wireless Electricity Technology Been Received, Accepted, Rejected? 33
        11.   Who will Benefit from the Wireless Electricity Technology, and Who Might be Harmed? 37
      F. The Technology in Its Cultural Context, Media Influence (Olga Rivera) 41

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