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Women in Workforce Essay

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Women in Workforce: Changing Dynamics
Anshul Sood
"The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is its treatment of its women."
                                                                                              Swami Vivekananda

The ancient Greece was a developed civilization. One of the reason attributed to the development was that there was no difference in the state of a man and woman in ancient Greece. The idea of perfect equality existed. In Indian mythology it is believed that no Hindu can be a priest until he is unmarried. It is considered that an unmarried man is imperfect. So is the importance of woman laid in Indian ancient scriptures that perfection of man is only likely through woman in his life.
Today the corporate governance has acknowledged the contribution that woman can bring to the growth story of the company. Companies have recognized the importance of gender diversity in the corporate work force and have taken an extra step on development of women leaders. In fact a lot of organizations have gender diversity in priority list. Today booming India Inc. leadership is being assessed on how they nurture and groom women for their top corporate responsibility. Microsoft India Chairman Bhaskar Pramanik, Accenture India Country Managing Director Avinash Vashistha and P&G India Managing Director Shantanu Khosla are some of the corporate who have diversity in their performance scorecard.

Woman in the Workforce

As per Standard oxford dictionary workforce refers to ‘the people engaged in or available for work, either in a country or area or in a particular firm or industry’.

The role of Woman in the society has undergone a complete change over the last century. In the early 20th Century very few women participated in the workforce. They were engaged in taking care of their family, children and the daily household chores. It was considered unfit for women to work outside their home. The Great depression of 1929...

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