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Women Stereotypes Essay

  • Submitted by: jennahelene96
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Women Stereotypes" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

A. What is your general perception of a mathematician? (If you were asked to draw a picture of a mathematician what would it look like?) Is your view of a “female mathematician” different? Explain.

When I think of a mathematician I think of a guy with glasses, a calculator in his pocket, with his face glued to a computer. The key word of that sentence is guy. Most people’s initial reaction is not female. Although, when I think of a female mathematician the image is not much different. The reason for this “nerdy” stereotype is primarily because of popular media influences. Most people don’t even know what a mathematician does, just that they are geeky look, and this stereotype is mostly false.

B. What is your reaction to the “stereotype” depicted in this article?

This “males are smarter than females” stereotype I find completely ridiculous and offensive. Women should be thought of as just as, or even more, powerful as men. Gender has no indication for which occupation you can do, or what sports you can play, or anything really. Its not that women aren’t as smart, we have the same brain that men do. So why does this stereotype exist? And the thought that some people think that women lose their feminism because of these jobs is shocking. There is nothing academically different between male and female.

C. Describe your reaction to the mini-stories in the article regarding mathematicians Emmy Noether and Sofia Kovalevskaia. What do you think about how these women were viewed within their respective communities of mathematicians?

I think these women were very brave and impressive, and they should not have been put down, considering their accomplishments. It shouldn’t matter how you look. Someone can be pretty and smart. I don’t think they should have been denied anything because of their gender. I think they are considered pioneers within their field because they stood up for themselves, and kept on working hard, even though their communities did...

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