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Word Barriers Transcript Essay

  • Submitted by: sunchyne79
  • on August 17, 2015
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Word Barriers Transcript

Speakers: (A set of actors playing the following characters) Husband, Wife, Man 1, Woman 1, Man 2, Woman 2, Man 3, Woman 3, Man 4, Jackie, Coworker, Dave, Man 5, Woman 4, Moviegoer 1, Moviegoer 2, Moviegoer 3, Son, Mother 2, Consultant, Client

Slide 1 (on screen)

Denotation and Connotation

Connotation: emotional meaning
Denotation: literal meaning

Select a video.

A Living Room

Husband: Hey, honey, does the--did you, did you buy something for the house? I just got home and it smells…

Wife: It, it's new air freshener.

Husband: Really?

Wife: Yeah.

Husband: Wow. You know, yeah.

Wife: I thought it would cover up the dog.

Husband: Yeah, it's fine. It's fine.

Wife: Yeah.

Husband: (sniffing) Hmm.

Wife: You don't like it.

Husband: What? No, it's fine.

Wife: I can tell.

Husband: It does the job, it, it covers up the smell of the dog.

(On screen) Sometimes the emotional meaning of a word can cloud what a speaker really intends.

Wife: You'd rather smell the dog.

Hospital Waiting Room

Man 1: He's dead.

Woman 1: What?

Man 1: Yeah.

Woman 1: What?!

(On screen) Sometimes the correct word isn't the right word.

Woman1 : WHAT?! He's not dead!

Man 1: No, in many ways he is.

Campaign Strategists

Man 2: She's an important woman.

Woman 2: Indeed.

Man 2: These are important issues.

Woman 2: Indeed.

Man 3: Hmm.

Man 2: Right. Right. Right. Right.

Man 3: Yeah.

Man 2: Right.

Woman 2: Okay.

Man 2: Save the water.

Woman 2: Save the… but save, we're indicating that something's already wrong with it.

Woman 3: Mm. Mm.

Woman 2: The water.

Everyone: Like, maintain. Maintain. Maintain. Oh, maintain the water. Maintain it.

Man 2: But we're not janitors. I mean, janitors maintain a building.

Everyone: Right.

Man 3: Yeah. Preserve the water.

Man 2: Preserve.

Woman 3: Preserve?

Woman 2: Preserve.

Man 2: Preserve it. Are we...

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