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Work Essay

  • Submitted by: emac91
  • on October 20, 2013
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Eric Brown
Professor Schumm
Bigger faster documentary
April 1, 2013
Bigger, faster, stronger review!
To be honest I thought I knew just about everything there is to know about steroids before seeing the documentary played in class. Instead I was shown a whole new world, basically a whole new side towards the power steroids possess and the types of things human beings themselves will do for them and with them. To kick things off I wanted to talk about steroids and America, Better yet steroids being a prime face for America.
After watching this film I now realize that steroids are viewed differently everywhere. A prime example Arnold   Schwarzenegger A true fraud to the world or a hero? In my eyes he was always my hero.   Once upon a time I looked to Arnold as a Role model. He possessed the looks that I dreamed to gain and the popularity of a God it seemed. But the simple question that lingered constantly “is this all natural or is Arnold a fraud?”   Today I found out something I almost wish I had not. Arnold was on steroids his entire career. My dreams and hopes were shot down but were they. You see the film showed yet that he was a fraud but society as a whole seemed to not mind. Hell he was an actor and Mr. Universe several times over in a sport in which steroids were not band. Along with those few accomplishments Arnold threw a curve ball at the world. He ran for a chair of democracy in California and won.   All of the above a shock to me seeing that he did the one thing the world seems to look down upon the most STEROIDS*.   Not only did Arnold do them he now preaches over them as a shield to society trying to cover up what he had done in his past.   To top things off after watching the film I found out that once Arnold got elected Governor he had any evidence of his wellbeing in the worlds famous Gold’s Gym ripped down now that’s a shocker.   Arnold is a fraud and like the great saying goes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
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