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Working Class Essay

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  • on January 24, 2013
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One feature of working class culture is that the jobs were based on manual and unskilled labour. Ship building and coal industries dominated the employment opportunities of the towns and cities. It was the men who did all the hard work whilst the women would stay at home and she would be in charge of the cooking, cleaning and childcare. The men became apart of 'learning to labour' in which they would learn to work and follow in their father’s footsteps in the labouring industry. Within the last 20 years, this all changed. Women became apart of the working industry. Skeggs (1997) studied the lives of twelve working-class women who were all enrolled on courses in the caring profession. The women who were studied tried to distance themselves from the traditional working-class norms and values. These women wanted to be seen as 'respectable' and by having carriers and owning houses and cars, they wanted to disassociate themselves from the other working class women.

Another feature of working class culture is that the communities within society became strong and they possessed a feeling of unity solidarity and togetherness. The working class communities were very supportive of each other and they looked after their own kind. Outsiders were often distrusted my working class society. Savage et al   (2005) carried out 50 in-depth interviews with people who lived in a small town in Manchester. They found a strong culture of manual labour and this gave the area a 'practical flavour' and half of the men interviewed were belonged to local social clubs. This shows that they not only worked but they also has a social life and were apart of leisure activities and this shows the culture of neighbouring.

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