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World History Essay

  • Submitted by: rabiaaisrabiaa
  • on September 19, 2012
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Unit 2 – Early Societies in South Asia/Early Society in EastAsia/Early Societies in the Americas and Oceania  
Rabia Ashraf
1) The opening verses of the work tell how Manu was reverently approached in ancient times by the ten great sages and asked to declare to them the sacred laws of the castes and how he graciously acceded to their request by having the learned sage Bhrigu, whom he had carefully taught the metrical institutes of the sacred law, deliver to them this precious instruction.The work thus pretends to be the dictation of Manu through the agency of Bhrigu; and as Manu learned it himself from the self-existent Brahma, its authorship purport to be divine. hese laws/codes were both made to guide and somewhat control people. The wording of Hammurabi's Code seemed to be a little bit more forceful and had a very harsh tone. It sounded as though someone of a higher status was writing this, looking down on people. The Laws of Manu sounded very forceful as well. Also, it seemed like the writing in it was more directed to the general public, society, and just people. Vs. Hammurabi's Code which sounded like very specific cases. The Laws of Manu had more justice involved in it
2) Originally square in outline, the City was laid out along the lines of a grid. Main streets divide the city.
3) Part of the problem is the lack of writing. Many other civilizations have numerous texts that - once deciphered - grant a significant understanding of several aspects of the society. Only a very few sources or writing are known for this civilization, and the extreme lack of sources has hampered any attempt to decipher it. Another problem is a lack of artifacts. While the layout of many of the buildings and the general layout of the town is known, few artifacts were found within it. It was one of the earliest historic civilizations in world history. They had a literate culture
4) Invaders from central and western Asia are considered by some historians to have been...

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