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World Religions Essay

  • Submitted by: amlascaze
  • on October 6, 2012
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World Religions

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world it has been around for thousands of years. It was founded by a man named Abraham he founded it in what is known today as Israel. And because they believe that there is only one g-d it is classified as a monotheistic religion. Even though it doesn’t have the most doesn’t have the most followers coming in 12th place out of the religions approximately 12 million people believe in Judaism. Judaism is still popular today al across the world many in places such as Israel, United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, England, France. There strongly believe in the covenant bond between G-d and the Jew. The Try and follow The Ten Commandment at the best of their ability.
Christianity is a very well-known religion. This religion has been around for approx. a millennium. It was created by a man named Jesus Christ in Jerusalem which known as present day Israel. Because they only believe in one g-d it is classified as a monotheistic religion. As of 2008 there are about 2.5 Billion people who follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ that is about 33.5% of the world’s population. Christianity is mainly practiced in most of North and South the Americas, almost all of Europe and much of Africa but it not allow at all in 51 different countries across the world. Major beliefs of the Christianity religion;
#1 G-d is the creator of everything
#2 Jesus Christ is the son of G-d and he was killed to [atone] for the sins of mankind
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#3 the believe Jesus rose from the dead and went to heaven and it you believed in him and followed his teaching you also would end in heaven
#4 those who did believe and accept Jesus as their savoir will live life with G-d and Jesus for eternally
Islam is also a very old religion. There are many people believe in this popular religion. It is in fact the second largest religion in the world. Many people believe that Muhammad is the founder of...

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