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Wuthering Heights Questions Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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1. After Catherine’s death, the true dichotomy between Edgar and Heathcliff is revealed. While Edgar’s grief appears too painful to express outwardly, Heathcliff shows his bereavement in a way that one has come to expect. Soon after her death, Heathcliff bangs his head repeatedly against the trunk of a nearby tree and ceremoniously howls like the lone wolf he became when Catherine passed. This demonstrates both of their personalities, which have most definitely been shaped by their past. Edgar, who was raised with society’s expectations in mind, and Heathcliff, who is an orphan that was treated as an outsider the majority of his life, exhibit behavior that sums up their relationship with Catherine. Though Edgar truly loved her, Heathcliff portrayed such passion that Edgar’s feelings faded into the background. Affected by her death, Edgar quietly waited by her coffin, while Heathcliff wandered outside to the moors, where he and Catherine spent their childhood together. Heathcliff was unrestrained by society, so he openly showed his grief, while Edgar became as sickly and pale the corpse he sat next to proceeding her death.
  2. Throughout the passage following Catherine’s death, Bronte portrays Heathcliff as an animal, unable to contain his anger and grief. When begging Catherine’s spirit to haunt him, he couldn’t form sentences to portray his emotions; he simply shouts fragments separated by hyphens. This shows the depth of his grief, which when compared to the actions of Edgar, illustrate a deeper love for Catherine. Unrefined, Heathcliff turns his anguish into anger, calling Catherine a “liar to end” and repeatedly banging his head against a tree trunk. Heathcliff’s actions also reaffirm Catherine’s previous statement to Nelly where she announces that she is Heathcliff, indicating that their love and connection transcends death and separation.
  3. Though Heathcliff does demonstrate behavior that would indicate him as a fiend from hell, Bronte does portray...

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