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Wwi and Blacks Essay

  • Submitted by: frenchfrielexi
  • on January 5, 2013
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WWI and Blacks
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World War I proved to be a turning point for blacks in the United States from an economic standpoint, they were allowed new job opportunities; however WWI was not a turning point from a political and social standpoint because the war did not lead to an increase in their civil rights and still suffered from violence and discrimination.
Economically, WWI proved to be a turning point in the war for black Americans because increasing need for textiles and war-related supplies, created more jobs. The Great Migration is an example of this because about 500,000 black Southerners moved northward for better opportunity. They were disenfranchised by Jim Crow laws, white supremacists, and had few jobs available, therefore blacks moved north with prospects of better working conditions and higher pay. Before WWI did not have the ability to have higher-paying jobs and were reduced to lives of extreme poverty and squalor because sharecropping did not prove to be a very lucrative job; the war created new job opportunities for many blacks, male and female, increasing economic strength which proved to be an economical turning point. The war also proved economically beneficial for blacks in that they were allowed to be in the military. Two divisions, the 92nd and 93rd, were full black regiments in the U.S Army. This proved WWI to be an economic turning point because the regiments created more job availability for blacks, allowing them to establish a better life for themselves and get out of the Southern sharecropping hole many had been stuck in. A third example of was black women aiding in the war efforts through organizations like the Red Cross and YWCA and   starting their own efforts especially for needs of black soldiers. This allowed black women to have a place in female working society. This was a turning point because before WWI black women were stuck doing domestic labors, and now they were able to help in war efforts alongside...

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