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Wwi Essay

  • Submitted by: bighunt
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: History
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You could easily say that after WWI, many Americans would characterize our country’s state of fear of being undermined. Americans were definitely traditionalists after WWI
, who only wanted policies of conformity and intolerance. This led to very conservative policies by our government which would conflict with fresh progressive ides coming off the progressive era.
The Scopes trial of 1925 proved intolerance between traditionalists and modernists. Traditionalists obviously wanted things to stay the same and still go with the bible instead of teaching evolution. That’s when conflict arose and which modernists wanted change with evolution being taught due to proven facts through science known as social Darwinism.
Society showed intolerance towards Prohibition (Eighteenth Amendment) after being enforced in 1920. Americans were angry that alcohol consumption was banned and it even got worse during the great depression which led to organized crime, gangsters, and even corruption among law enforcement officers.
On the other hand this decade also had some change. One big change to society was the rise of the Flappers. These girls were the first to really show a more affectionate side out in public. Flappers wore short skirts, listen to jazz, danced and treated sex as a casual manner unlike the old times.
While Americans saw some change, this decade has been stamped with traditionalism. The conservative policies by the government, gave rise to intolerance and a culture that fought back against conformity. Even though a new era started to occur in the late 1920s that wanted to go in the other direction and move towards a more modern lifestyle; for the most this decade was filled with the intolerance of the older people that didn’t want change.

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