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Xbox Essay

  • Submitted by: digestingdakon
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Microsoft and Sony have engaged in the seventh generation of console wars. Microsoft is using its low prices, massive online network, and undying tech support as the weapons of choice.
Playstation 3 is using an extremely pricey “Blu-Ray” disc format, a non existent online network, with no tech support?
Discs and the online community will be the silent killer of the mighty PS3.
The 360 (Xbox 360) may be a hardware light weight as far as the PS3 is concerned, but it’s definitely no push over. The system belittles every computer in the American household with its three main core processors. This means triple the processing power of you’re computer at home.
Out of the box you’re ready to watch movies, listen to music, view family photos in a slide show, and voice chat with your friends online free of charge.
Most everything on the 360 is detachable and upgradeable including the standard 20GB hard drive.
Playstation3 and xbox360, the people who play are miles apart in feelings twords the consoles and the gaming system themselves are closer then ever.
It seems one console stands out. Xbox360 stands above either for pvp,mmo,   and first person shooter xbox has all your needs and more.
The debate is years old and i will attempt to point out there bests and there worst, i will also show how xbox seems to rise above and beyond.
i believe a reasonable start would be with the basics. The handiling for the playstation is similar to the xbox. It has a market place to buy dlc's and games.
"The playstation market place is very easy to navigate not complicated and user friendly". Xbox has the same easy to use markey place used for dlcs and games.
The xbox market place has to be paid for in advance were the playstation is free. This posses a problem that xbox is more expensive, but xbox's market is never down
compared to playstation which is commonly down. There is also more customization for a xbox then a playstation console. Lets talk about controllers, the...

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