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Xplain Why the Earliest Record of Stone Tool Use May Not Essay

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  • on October 18, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Xplain Why the Earliest Record of Stone Tool Use May Not" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. Explain why the earliest record of stone tool use may not in fact represent the earliest use of tools. 
      a. It is believed that the earliest tools that were used by hominins were organic matter; leaves, planets and sticks. This organic material doesn’t preserve well, in many cases the tools are damages during use and quickly discarded.
  2. a) How does hominin tool use differ from tool use of other animals?
      b. hominin tools use differ from tools use by other animals because of the greater variety . The tool use represents a critical adaptation for modern humans and one that reflects our great reliance on culturally transmitted behaviors
3. a) Discuss the differences between procurement and processing tools.  b) Why is this distinction important?
Procurement tools are used to facilitate obtains foods that would otherwise be unavailable to the animal.
Processing tools are used to help breakdown the food before it is consumed.
This distinction is important in understanding the way that the hominin lived and how they passed down these techniques thru their culture and their behaviors.

4. What type(s) of stone tools were identified from the
a) Lower Paleolithic: Simple flake chopper/ core tools (oldwan tools) and Achilean hand axes that are constructed from a rock core
b) Middle Paleolithic mosterian tools
c) Upper Paleolithic? Blade tools
5.  The Lab Exercise in Section VI provides a virtual problem in faunal analysis that is taken from the literature.  You are first asked to choose a species—a) what species did you choose? Then you are to calculate and graph the species MNI (minimum number of individuals)—b) how is MNI calculated and what was the MNI for the species?  Finally, based on the assemblage, c) what behavior of the hominins can be hypothesized?
A. Warthog,  
B Divde the number of times each element occurs in the assemblage
I chose Metapodials, there are 19. Metapodails found in the assemblage. A warthog has   4 Metapodials....

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