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Year of Wonder Quotes Essay

  • Submitted by: xoxo456
  • on October 18, 2013
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Uncommon valour scullery, plight
“power a woman like Anys might wield”
“ a lump the size of a newborn piglet, a great, shiny, yellow knob of pulsing glesh”
“creamy pus all spotted through with shreds of dead flesh”
“naturally took charge… stayed tirelessly at his bedside”
“it was a voice full of light and dark. Light not only as it glimmers, but also as it glows. Dark not only as it brings cold and fear, but also as it gives rest and shade”.
“you did not stand aloof from Mr Viccars… you should console yourself… (in) the mercy that you, especially, have shown”.
“A good infusion would have served George better than the empty mutterings of a priest”
“delivering scandalizing thoughts in a single utterance”
“ For all my years of my childhood, when Puritans held sway here, we wore garments only what they called Sadd Colours”
“Not a one of them consented to having his or her garment- even were it only a pile of cut-out fabric pieces- consigned to the fire”
“flames of bright vermillion” (scarlet red)
“I’m not made to be any man’s chattel”
“I have something very few women can claim: my freedom”
“Dark and light… The Puritans who had ministered us here had held that all actions could be only one of two natures: godly and right, or Satanic and evil”
“But Anys Gowdie confounded such thinking… her fornication and her blasphemy branded her as a sinner in the reckoning of our religion”
“It was this habit, I suppose, that led me into the account I made her then, a bawdy confession of my own lust, which I had the right to confide to her, and then that which I did not: the news I’d just learned of Any’s sport with my lodger”
“For I will certainly stand and face the lion if, by running ,I would cause the beast to follow me, and thus draw him closer to the dwelling places of innocents who demand my protection”
“remember how his voice seemed to blend with the cadences of the stream and give the words an enduring music”
“Tom’s little body had leaked it’s life’s blood...

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