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You Will Get What You Put Essay

  • Submitted by: aliffauziyyah
  • on October 20, 2013
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"he-y come on ou-t" by shinichi hoshi is an allegory which shows its readers how taking something so critically important like environment for granted can have disastrous consequences. It begins with a mysterious hole that appeared in a village after a landslide in a typhoon, in the place where a shrine was built before. The villagers were going to rebuild the missing shrine but first they have to fix the hole first. Days changed fast and reporters and scientists and other town people came to the village to get to know how deep the hole is and how can they fill the hole. However, even the scientist (who is considered to know all things) can't find the answer, so he decided to order his people to fill up the hole. A concessionaire suggested to "buy" the hole from the villagers with a new better shrine which had meeting hall attached and closer to the village, and the villagers agreed. People start to throw unwanted trash--and even the dangerous ones like animal dead bodies from disease experiments and nuclear waste. They all think that the hole is the answer to their waste problem, but in fact it gives much bigger ones in the future they don't realize yet.
In this short story, there are many symbols that can be interpreted as phenomenon that happened to humankind nowadays. But the “biggest symbol” is the hole as the main topic of the story. In the place where the hole appeared, there was a shrine which usually used by Japanese (especially those who believe Shintoism) to pray. Shrines are considered as holy place since whoever going to pray in it should wash their hands and faces first. It also can be seen as a symbol of holiness and glory as well as hope, where people wish that their prayers come true.
As the shrine is “replaced” by the hole, other interpretations come—that is people’s ignorance. As stated in the story, “The hole gave peace of mind to the dwellers of the city. They concentrated solely on producing one thing after another. Everyone disliked...

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