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“Virtual Meetings: Smart Management”

Gavin's? question (up to 400 words?)1. One consulting firm has predicted that video and Web conferencing will make
business travel extinct. Do you agree? Why or why not?

• define video and web conferencing   (use in text referencing or specific author reference - not part of word count)
• Pros and Cons (points to consider: closing sales, costs, globalisation, time zones, availabilty, technological improvement, IT skills, videoconferenecing etiquette, size of company, locations, etc.)
• Agree or disagree based on the evidence above
Mel P - consider also cultural pressures, the value of meeting in person, availability of compatible technology, necessity of transportation of physical equipment eg requirements for in person demos, legality of electronic signatures compared to genuine, resistance to change, ability to record meeting, facilitation of inter company verses intra company use.

Mel F's? Question (up to 200 words?)
2. What is the distinction between videoconferencing and telepresence?

Define each (with reference). Compare the two and highlight the diiference.

Amanda's Question (up to 400 words?)
3. What are the ways in which videoconferencing provides value to a business, in
particular the business communication processes? Would you consider it smart
management? Explain your answer.

List business communication processes.
Incorporate definition of videoconferencing from Qu2 to evaluate the pros of videoconferencing.
Agee or disagree and why.

Mel P - cost analysis, ease of use, Grant said assume high usage

Mary's Question (up to 300 words)
4. If you were in charge of a small business, would you choose to implement
videoconferencing? What factors would you consider in your decision?

Consideration: cashflow or capital injection for initial cost outlay, training time, prcedural writing and ongoing costs for training, maintenance and technological...

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