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Z10890 Essay

  • Submitted by: zy10890
  • on January 8, 2013
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Basic and clinical causes of lung cancer

  The lung cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in global modern society and it has become a significant issue all over the world. The lung cancer causes approximately 1.3 million deaths per year(WHO,2012). Apart from the high mortality, this has had an enormous impact on the global economy. According to the WHO(2008) ,the lung cancer, bronchiolar carcinoma and tracheocarcinoma are responsible for 180 billion dollars loss annually, which ranks the first in the cancer-related disease. About 70% of all cancer deaths occurred in low and middle-income countries(WHO,2012). If the trend lacks necessary prevent, the rapid increasing morbidity   will be seen in the low and middle-income countries which cannot afford the severe health care burden. Further investigations are required to be implemented into the lung cancer for the aim of prevention. In the following assignment, the inherent effect will be analyzed as the internal factor. The smoking, air pollution and occupational exposure will be examined as the external factors. Both of them will be taken into consideration to demonstrate the viewpoint.

  As the inherent factor, gene appears to play a vital role in causing the lung cancer. Furthermore, genetic susceptibility, defined as a state of gene that is affected or damaged easily, tends to contribute most in the effect brought by gene on lung cancer. Once people are in this state, they will have enormous possibility to suffer from lung cancer. Such a state is mainly caused by family history and racial differences.

  It is commonly acknowledged that people with family history of lung cancer, which means their relatives have been suffering from the lung cancer, have higher incidence rate of lung cancer than others. Evident supports are the results of case-control studies, demonstrating that the risk of someone having lung cancer is closely related to their affected relatives (Matakidou, Eisen and Houlston, 2005). For...

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  • Submitted by: zy10890
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: English
  • Length: 2,964 words
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