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Zombie Invasion Essay

  • Submitted by: ILoveEdmund
  • on January 27, 2013
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It was around 11 O’clock pm and it was pitch black the BOOM Fatima and I heard a loud thump coming from the haunted house at Knots Scary Farm, when all of a sudden every one disappeared, but Fatima and I were still there... No one would answer their phones. Then out of nowhere this deep pitch scream echoed through the haunted house, it sounded like a zombie, “that can’t be right” I said then Fatima replied “well its Knots Scary Farm, it can be just a joke played by our friends...” the conversation went back and forth for about five minutes until they heard BOOM!, “I think we should go check it out Fatima see what’s going on and not just stand here in the dark wondering what it is”. “Ok, but I’m kind of freaked out ". We started walking inside the haunted house and out of nowhere a zombie appeared, we started running, I grabbed something hard, I wasn’t sure what it was but it felt like metal.
So when I hit the zombie with the metal thing and its head fell off and it was all bloody and the dead brains were coming out and splatted all over the wall and our clothes, I killed it again.   We made sure it was dead this time. But then another zombie came but the worst part they kept coming and coming and coming. Fatima said “do these zombies look familiar” “yes, they look like our friends with missing arms and or, legs and their skin is peeling off of their faces and it looked like their hair was falling out and they are a sort of a pale green color, how did they get here? How did they become zombies? ”. But it was too late to save them now we're going to have to save ourselves before they get us. We started running again and the zombies were slowly walking behind us but it was a good thing they were slow because by the time we stopped running we couldn’t see them anymore. But in a quick moment zombies were climbing the fence and the rides popping out of nowhere zombies came running after us and others were walking, just zombie after zombie after zombie they just kept...

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