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"I'Ll Be There" Essay

  • Submitted by: JWobbit
  • on January 7, 2013
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I’ll Be There

The book I’ll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan is about Sam and Rudolph Border, their crazy life, and a family they meet and eventually join. Sam and Rudolph (a.k.a. Riddle), are prisoners. When Sam and Riddle were very young, their father Clarence took them away from their mother and everything they knew, such as school, society, family, friends, and so on. The trio bounced from place to place, all over the country, while Clarence stole enough until he seemed suspicious, and then he would pack up and leave for the next town. However, when Clarence and his sons “settle” in another town, Sam goes out on a Sunday to church to listen to the music played. He ventures for a while on one Sunday and finds an extremely fancy church, known as the First Unitarian Church. Sam hears the music being played, and, hesitantly, goes inside. He sits in the very back, because that’s where he wouldn’t be noticed. Almost as soon as he enters, the music stops and a girl, Emily Bell, starts singing I’ll Be There by Jackson Five. Emily’s nervous, so she looks to the rows in the very back where the people go to not pay attention, and sees Sam. The two have an immediate connection, and that’s when they story kicks off. Sam and Emily start talking, and get very close. The characters in the book, and there are a lot, are all unique and fit into the story in their own different way, but they fit perfectly. Sam Border is a tall, skinny, smart, extremely good-looking, talented, caring, independent seventeen year-old guy. For more than a decade Sam had supported himself and Riddle on his own, while his father was out stealing for his own survival, not caring at all about his sons. Sam’s grandmother showed him some basic chords on the guitar when he was five, and since then Sam taught himself how to play more advanced chords, and evolved into an absolutely spectacular guitarist. When Tim Bell, Emily’s father, goes off about how amazing of a guitar player Sam is, and says “he’s...

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